Powerful CMS

All of our websites are built on the powerful Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress, unless you request otherwise. You might have heard about WordPress before, or you might associate it’s name with blogging.

Well, back in the ancient days (early 2000′s), WordPress first started out as a platform for bloggers to easily publish their content to the web. Eventually everyone started to use WordPress and it wasn’t before long that powerful, robust and feature packed full blown websites where being created with it. That’s where it is today.

There are many advantages to having your website built on the WordPress platform, but here are just a few:

Easy to update and add more features:
If you can write an email you can now manage and update your own website if you want. WordPress’ user friendly, point and click interface makes it a popular choice among business owners who’d rather manage their own website, rather then pay someone else to do it on a regular basis.

Adding more advanced features to your existing wordpress website is also a breeze. This means you can start out with a simple website with all of your basic needs and add more features to your website as your business grows.

Some of the most popular add ons are:

  • an online shopping cart.
  • on site search engine optimization
  • stunning photo galleries
  • videos, tutorials and presentations
  • a blog
  • more pages (create an unlimited amount)
  • facebook widgets
  • email newsletter forms
  • password protected members area
  • online communities and forums
  • …and soo much more!

Search Engine Friendly
By it’s nature, WordPress is the perfect platform for building a website that ranks high in the search engines. Blogging is a very powerful internet marketing tool when done the right way. Every blog post you publish opens another road for more people to find your website, and WordPress is blogging capable right out of the box.

There are also many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) add ons that allow you to have the competive edge over your competitors and outrank them for your business specific keywords.