How the Web Design Process Works

How the Web Design Process Works

If you’ve never worked with a web designer, you might have some questions rolling around in your head about how the process actually works.

Here’s a simplified summary of how the website “creation” process goes from start to finish. In the best situations, a simple website can be completed and online in as little as 14 days or less. However, depending on the complexity of the website the process could take longer.

For demo purposes let’s assume the client’s name is “Bob” and he wants a simple website that takes about 30 days to complete. Let’s say that Bob is the owner of a business in Cape Town and that’s where he wants to target his local online advertising.

Days 1-4

Step 1: Bob decides he wants to have Local Leads create his website, and fills out the “Web Design Questionnaire“. By filling out the form on that page, Bob gives us all of the necessary information that we need about his business to understand his personal needs and provide him with accurate pricing along with a proposal of what we can offer.

Step 2: We respond to Bob within 1-2 business days with our proposal. This usually comes in the form of a phone call so we can answer any other questions Bob might have. Based on what Bob wants to accomplish with his website, as well as his target audience and the products and services he will be offering, we work together to devise an online marketing plan around the website.

Step 3: Bob decides he wants to move forward and makes a 50% deposit on the agreed cost of the project so that we can begin the work. If another meeting is required, we will meet with Bob if he is local to the Cape Town area. If Bob lives out of driving distance everything can be handled over the phone. We also get any additional information that we need from Bob to begin the website, such as a company logo, written content for the website etc.

Days 4 – 28

Step 4: Within 7-14 business days we contact Bob with our 1st draft of his new website. At this point the layout will be 90% complete but we will still need to add content and put the “finishing touches” on everything. Assuming Bob likes the design and layout, we move forward. If Bob wants changes, he tells us what he likes/dislikes and we make the changes until Bob is happy.

Days 28 – 30

Step 5: At this point Bob is 100% satisfied with his website and the finishing touches are complete. The final steps are for us to optimize his website for the search engines to make sure his ideal customers can find him online. If Bob ordered any other services from us, we begin on those at this time.

Step 6: Bob’s new website is now complete and he is ready to reap the benefits of having his business online. Since Bob is 100% satisfied with his website he now pays the remaining 50% balance and we make his new website live on his domain name ( name).